Hi, and welcome to my website. In 1967 my life was revolutionised when I found out who Jesus really was and that through Him, God answers prayers and wants to release His power into our lives, taking us to level that I, for one, never imagined possible. 

I discovered these things as a result of reading a book. Now, through this website, I am taking the opportunity to share what I found with you, by means of my own books and also, my blog.


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I am an Australian Christian Author, whose books explain in easy to understand language, how readers can "fall back" on God in this changing world we live in.

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My books highlight a number of strategies that explain how we can connect with God personally and in doing so, experience His incredible power in our lives.

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From my past experiences, to stories that have affected others in a positive way, and even excerpts from my books - you're invited to take a look a find something that interests you.