Neville Burns is a qualified medical scientist and Christian author who owns and manages his own pathology company.

Both Neville and his wife Narelle have been actively involved in church life sincere they were married in 1966.  They have three children and eight grandchildren.

The “leap of faith” as Neville refers to his life changing experience in 1967, has encouraged and motivated him to share what he has discovered with people throughout his life. Many of the individual stories that Neville shares are about people ha has met through his work and church activities.

Neville’s books will challenge some and inspire others.

I completed the leaving Certificate at Newcastle Boys' High School in 1957. Graduating as a Medical Technologist in 1962, in 1964 I began an additional two years study in biochemistry at The University of New England in Armidale.

In 1966, I joined the practice of doctors Max Brown and Ken Harris at Adamstown, in Newcastle, to operate their private pathology labratory. (This was the greatest move of my career as it was at this surgery that I met Narelle. We were married ten months later).

In 1967 I opened a second laboratory at the surgery of Dr Charles Finlay-Jones at Georgetown. I worked in pathology laboratories at several hospitals, including Wallsend, The Mater (Waratah), Kurri Kurri and Wagga Wagga, and also at the Newcastle Hospital Blood Bank during 1971.

My company, Medtech Services, was incorporated in 1975. In 1979, I set up a laboratory at the Andrew Nash Clinic in Wallsend. In 1984, land was purchased and a NATA accredited, category one pathology laboratory was constructed on the site.

By 1987, Medtech Services employed sixty five people, including a specialist pathologist. 

By 1990, I had established an interest in veterinary pathology. This led to the development of a range of veterinary products, which were distributed on Medtech's behalf by a leading veterinary supply company, Australia Wide.

In 1994, Medtech’s operations were transferred to 173 Nelson Street. These premises were licenced, to function as a pathology collection centre.

In 2008, the company relocated to a larger building at 155 Nelson Street, where Narelle and I currently manage a much larger operation, which services doctors and their patients from a wide area in the Newcastle region.

Both Narelle and I have been actively involved in church life since we married in 1966. We have three children and eight grandchildren.

The "Leap of Faith" as I refer to my life changing experience in 1967, has encouraged and motivated me ever since to share what I have discovered with people with whom I have contact. Many of the individual stories that you can read in my books are about people I have met through work or church activities

My Books

My first book, “Ultimate Journey”, explains the most important thing I have ever learnt.  I call it, “Thinking Eternally”. I couldn’t encourage you enough to read about this life changing concept  yourself. It occupies the first two chapters of the book. If a serious illness has you discouraged, feeling that there is nothing left to try or no hope for the future….can I recommend that you read the chapters entitled, “Little by Little”, “Therapeutic Touch” and the one that describes my personal healing from ischemic heart disease, which I have entitled, “My Communion Story”. You can click on to my blog for accounts of some of our patients who have experienced  healing and recovery from a range of conditions, after putting one or other of these strategies into action.

In my second book, “Let This Mind Be In You”, I share important information that might interest you, dealing with the power of our thoughts and words and their effects on our lives, including our peace of mind and wellbeing. If you attend a church, you could be interested in several chapters dealing with the power and working of The Holy Spirit. Both these books are available as paperbacks and also as e-books.

The Power That Works In Us” is my third book. It is available only as an e-book. In it, I share in considerable depth, concepts related to getting  our prayers answered and basic strategies we can put into action, which enable us to live the abundant life Jesus said was possible for us to experience.

As always I will be updating my blog. You are welcome to check it occasionally for items and reports that might interest you. If you would like to know some of my personal details, click here.


Neville's Books