Therapeutic Touch

There are a number of occasions recorded in the new Testament, where Jesus placed his hands on people and healed them of various conditions.

When he outlined some of the things He wanted His followers to do as they continued the work He had begun, He had this to say;  "They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover." (Mark 16;18)

Down through the centuries, the church has retained this ministry, which is perhaps best known as, "The laying on of hands."

Some years ago, I came across a modernized name for this Biblical process. That name is "Therapeutic Touch."

I began to use this name in discussions with some of our patients at our pathology practice in Newcastle.

I clearly remember the first two patients who requested to have Therapeutic Touch, asking me after their first sessions if there would be a fee for having the procedure on a regular basis. I concluded form this question that both these pateints had received a benefit from the procedure.

Since then, we have had patients report improvement from various conditions, after having had Therapeutic Touch. One of the most dramatic responses was the disappearance of a suspected cancerous lesion 6cm in diameter from a lady's lung. I give more details about this lady's healing in my first book, "Ultimate Journey" in which I review the process of Therapeutic Touch.

At present, one of our patients, at her request, is having Therapeutic Touch every two weeks. Over a period of several months, she has reported significant improvement in several important areas concerning her health. Her doctor has taken her off blood pressure treatment, following repeated normal readings. Previously, these were always high......until she started having Therapeutic Touch. Blood tests have indicated that her cholesterol is much lower and her diabetes is essentially under control, with her results being consistently within normal limits. Joint pain, which was serious problem for her six months ago, has now dramatically improved, as is her mobility and general well being.

When I administer Therapeutic Touch to any of our patients now, I make a point of referring to Jesus'  words in Mark 16;18, I emphasize that when we utilise Therapeutic Touch, we are giving Him the opportunity to confirm His words to them with signs following, exactly as the Bible teaches.

Therapeutic Touch is literally a "hands on" way every follower of Jesus can employ to bring Jesus' words to wonderful fulfillment in the lives of people they minister to, enabling them to experience His power in this powerful and totally scriptural manner.

I am convinced that employing Therapeutic Touch enhances our individual ministries and increases our usefulness as ambassadors of Christ, among people we mix with at church and in our workplaces.