God's healing power

Yesterday, at our pathology centre, I took blood from a lady who has had Therapeutic Touch several times over the last few months.

She has chronic joint pain. A lump in her left side has given her a lot of troubles for some time.

As we were talking yesterday, I felt compelled to remind her that everytime we utilise Therapeutic Touch, we actually indicate to Christ that we are demonstrating to Him that we believe He meant what He said when He told His disciples hat His followers would lay hands on sick people and they would recover. (Mark 16; 18)

This lady had not completely understood this. She told ne that the lump in her side was actually not as painful as it had been, since she began having Therapeutic Touch.

I suggested that as I laid my hands on her head yesterday, she quietly give thanks for the degree of improvement she had experienced and see that improvement as part of her recovery, as Jesus had promised.

She readily agreed to this, promising to inform me of her progress, as she continued to improve.

I will share news of her ongoing recovery in a future blog.

If you need to experience God's healing power, why don't you quietly read the words of Jesus I shared wih this lady? I suggest you do so several times. It could be exactly what you need to do to begin your own recovery.