How To Pray For Healing

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It's completely understandable that people with serious health issues, especially those that are considered to be incurable, might at some point consider looking to God for help.

I've spoken to many patients at our pathology collection centre in just such a situation, who have come to the conclusion that they need to pray.

If this fits your thinking at the moment, I want to impress upon you that in addition to knowing that you need to pray, it is vitally important that you know how to pray.

Within the pages of the Bible, there are a number of stategies, which you can employ to open the way for healing to begin to flow into your personal situation.

Some of these involve you praying yourself, while others involve having one or more people praying on your behalf. There is no reason why both cannot happen together.

Calling on God yourself can be a very powerful experience. It can give God the opportunity to connect with you and reveal Himself to you. In addition to opening the way to healing, your life can be changed forever.

Here's how this has worked for some of our can work for you too.

I often refer people to the following verse of scripture, in which God extends to people just like you, this invitation; "Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know". That word, "mighty" refers to solutions that are inaccessible to us at the present time. It's like God inviting you to call on Him for help, asking Him to bring what you need, that being healing, within your reach, so it can be accesssible to you.

If you can believe these words from God Himself, great things can happen, including healing. Jesus told a distraught father, whose son was in a desperate medical state, "If you can believe, all things are possible". Nothing has changed. These words can apply to you right now, in the midst of your desperate situation.

Should you decide that you would like some help, when it comes to praying for your situation, you can write to me or email me and I will put into action another Biblical strategy called, "making mention of you in my prayers". This was introduced by the apostle Paul and is still effective right now, as a means of releasing God's power into your situation.

"Therapeutic Touch" is another Biblical strategy that I often use at our work. It utilised the Biblical principle called, "Little by Little" whereby recovery occurs gradually, as a person who is a follower of Jesus, lays hands on someone who needs healing.

At any one time, we have patients from our pathology practice reporting improvement in their personal health situations, as a result of utilizing one or other of these strategies.

I have begun making available to people who live a long way from Newcastle, where I live and work, a modification to "Therapeutic Touch" which was also used by the apostle Paul. This involves people with serious health issues, sending me a small article of their clothing for me to pray over and send it back, for the sick person to place on his/her body.

Recently, I was sent a cap from a gentleman in Victoria, who has a cancerous growth. I prayed over the cap as if he was actually with me, then mailed it back to him, with some simple instructions. His wife advised me that his next CT scan indicated that the tumor had shrunk in size.

"Therapeutic Touch" enables you to take advantage of Jesus' last words to His disciples. He spoke about certain signs following those who believe in His name.....One of these signs would be that they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.

That's what the strategies I have shared with you are all about....people recovering from all kinds of sicknesses.

The Bible describes healing as the second most important benefit God offers to people like you and me. It encourages us not to forget these benefits. If you are sick and are serious about wanting to be well again, you wouldn't really want to ignore any strategy that could help you recover, would you?

Why not take the first step towards releasing God's power into your situation, by calling to Him for help and if your are comfortable with the idea, contacting me to request I pray for you as well? In addition, I can take your request to my connect group, where a number of experienced Christians will use what I call "The Battering Ram" principle, to your advantage.

In my books, you can read about the various strategies I have just outlined. You will find real life stories of some of our patients who have put them into practice and been helped, after first learning how to pray.