Merry Christmas

In an earlier blog, I referred to one of our pathology patients who has experienced medically documented improvement with regard to several conditions, for which she has been treated over a lengthy period of time.

These improvements began immediately after she began having "Therapeutic Touch" every time I visited her to collect a blood sample.

On Wednesday December 14th, I rang her to arrange her next blood test for the following day. She told me, while we were talking on the phone, that she had some exciting news to share with me the next day.

The news was that her GP had advised her that tests done on her heart recently had indicated that the heart failure she had been treated for over a considerable period of time, was no longer an issue. She was both pleased and excited to get this news, as you might imagine.

While I was collecting her blood sample, she told me that her general health was much improved, since we had started, what she called, her regular "hands on" treatment. She indicated the main medical problem remaining, was lack of energy. Before we did Therapeutic Touch, I suggested we concentrate our thoughts and prayers on this specific area. I will receive a progress report from her after Christmas.

Now, a Personal Update.......

On Friday December 16th, I had my annual check-up with my GP. In my first book, "Ultimate Journey", in the chapter entitled, "My Communion Story", I outlined how I was diagnosed almost six years ago with Ischemic Heart Disease. My blood pressue readings and electrocardiograph, both being significantly abnormal.

Back then, my blood pressure reading was 165/110, much higher than ever before. Three months later, having followed a specific Biblical strategy, I was completely healed.

Since then, I am always interested to find what my annual blood pressure reading is. Today, it was 115/75. Almost six years after my healing, there is no sign of any relapse.

If you are dealing with medical issues involving heart disease, you might be encouraged to read he capter about my experience, in "Ultimate Journey".