Conquer the Fear of Death

Just prior to Easter, I featured a Google Add on my website entitled, "Conquer the Fear of Death".

Immediately this add began to attract a signifiant number of hits.

This suggests to me that a lot of people are afraid of the thought of dying, or at least, are unsure what the future holds for them.

If this is you, I strongly encourage you to read the first two chapers of my book, "Ultimate Journey".

Like I did, you could discover how the events that many people celebrate at Easter, can change your life forever, as you develop an understanding of what Jesus achieved for you that weekend, so long ago.

As you progress further into the book, you will learn how the process I call, "Thinking Eternally", can help you overcome all kinds of serious issues-you could find the most important reason for living and develop an unshakable hope for the future.

Please feel welcome to email me or write to me, to share what you discover or to request prayer.