Discovering the power of answered prayer

The greatest number of hits we receive on our website each month, is associated with the Google Add entitled; "Powerful Prayer Answers".

I chose the words for this add deliberately, because they highlight the most powerful and life changing experience any one of us can have......connecting with God.

Let me explain what this means...

When we pray, we are calling out to God for help, particularly when we have a problem which seems to have no solution.

When God answers our prayers, we experience a release of His power into our lives.

You won't need anyone to try to convince you that God is real when this happens. God will have convinced you by what He has answering your prayer.

I am never likely to write a book to try and persuade you that God is real. What I have done in my books, is to share with you examples of my own experience and those of a significant number of other people, who have prayed, in the midst of their problems and have received answers to their prayers.

Recently, I was reminded what the apostle Paul said to people who had responded to the Gospel of Christ, when he visited cities like Corinth and Thessalonica. He told them that the gospel didn't come to them in words only, but also in power.

It's the same today... You don't need me or anyone else to attempt to convince you with words that God is real. You will discover this in the most personal way when He answers your prayer.

If you want to discover how to make this happen, I invite you to read "Ultimate Journey".