Powerful Prayer Answers

In December 2012, we recorded the highest ever number of hits on our website Google Ads, with regard to Powerful Prayer Answers. Many of these were enquiries concerned How to Pray for Healing.

In all three of my books, I outline powerful Biblical strategies which explain clearly and simply how you can receive answers to your prayers. It is important to know what these strategies are and how they can work, to release the power of God into your situation.

What is equally important, is to put these strategies, which have God's promises behind them, into action. In my books, you can read about a significant number of people who have done so and experieced the miracle pwoer of Christ in their lives.

Recently, I was reading a portion of scripture where God made a statement you could find vitally important to your situation.

He said, "I am watching over My word to perform It".

His "word" includes benefits and promises which are available to us for fulfillment.

Another scripture encourages us "Not to forget all His benefits" and brings to our attention that these include forgiveness for all our sins and healing for all our sicknesses.

The key word here is "all". This includes your personal situation.

When we put these things together, the facts are that God has arranged important benefits and made promises which can revolutionise our lives. It is our personal responsibility to discover what we need to do, in order for this to happen and then go ahead and do it. The Bible tells us that if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us. This can work for you.

In my books, you will read about quite a few of our patients, at our pathology centre, who have experienced answers to their prayers as a result of one of Jesus' last promises before ascending back to Heaven, being fulfilled in their favor.

He told His disciples, "These signs will follow those who believe. In My name, they will..........lay hands on the sick and they will recover".

This is an example of one of His promises that He is watching over to perform.

We have seen this happen at our Wallsend centre. If you live in the Newcastle or nearby area, you are welcome to email me (neville@medtechservices.com.au)  and make an appointment to have Therapeutic Touch, which is a modern name for the laying on of hands. (There is no charge).

The laying on of hands is a procedure Jesus Himself has appointed for sick people to experience recovery from their illnesses, according to His promise.

If you live elsewhere in Australia or in another country, you are welcome to email your prayer request to me. I will take it into my "secret place" and place it before God, on your behalf.

After reading this month's blog, you are in the strong position of knowing how to take the two vital steps I have outlined, which can open the way for you to experience the power of God as your prayers are answered, according to His promises.