Tough Seasons

As I was starting my "quiet time", last Saturday morning, my thoughts were directed to what I should write about in this month's blog.

I found myself concentrating on the expression, "tough seasons", which I initially wrote about in my first book, "Ulitmate Journey".

Every one of us has difficult issues to deal with during our lives. The way we react to these situations, can either make us or break us, as the saying goes.

If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you have a tremendous advantage when it comes to dealing with your "tough seasons". This is because you can utilise your faith in Christ, not only to deal with the difficult situations but to emerge from them stronger, in several ways.

There is a really helpful portion of scripture in Paul's letter to the Romans, that explains how you can put your faith into action and turn your "tough seasons" completely around. (Read Romans chapter five, verses 1 to 5).

It details a sequence of factors that work in our favour when we understand that our "tough seasons" are meant to develop perseverance in us. If we allow this to happen, aspects of our character will develop in the area of inner strength and as we experience this aspect of personal development, hope rises up inside us and this hope never disappoints us.

This is real Christianity........following God's instructions during times of personal hardships, suffering or distress, putting your faith into action, enabling the Holy Spririt to enter your situation and release the power of God to your advantage.

In "Ultimate Journey", you can read about these thigreater detail including quite a few examples of people I have known personally, who put God's words into practice and reaped the rewards that are promised us, if we will exercise our faith, by firstly, believing what the scriptures tell us and then putting that belief into action.

One of the ways you can do this, is to request prayer. As I mentioned  in January's blog, I will be happy to take your need into my "Secret Place", as Jesus called our individual places of prayer, on Saturday mornings and bring your situation before God. People from countries other than Australia, are taking this option and beginning to experience God's power in their lives. You are most welcome to do so yourself.