Emerging from tough seasons stronger and better

Immediately after Christ became real in my life, I developed an appetite for reading the scriptures, especially words that Christ spoke to various people with whom He came in contact.

I noticed that He had a lot to say about life and it became clear to me that He spoke of two phases of life - present and future. He spoke about people being able to have an abundant life now and also having, what He called, eternal life, as a result of believing in Him.

It is obvious that the only evidence of abundance in many peoples' lives, is an abundance of problems. The words of Jesus cut right across this, don't you think? Here's what He said, "I have come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly". (John 10;10)

Recently, I looked up the meaning of "abundant' in my favourite little Macquarie dictionary. It describes the word "abundant" to mean, "fully sufficient".

In other words, you and I can experience a fully sufficient life, because of what Christ achieved during His first visit to this planet.

My personal definition, based on 46 years of experience, of what it means to live a fully sufficient life, is one that provides meaning and satisfaction and is pleasing to God. This lets you experience genuine peace in your inner being now and produces real hope for the future... hope that Christ died and rose from the dead, to make possible for you and me.

I believe it is vitally important that we discover how to handle the "tough seasons", as I call them in my books, that each one of us experiences during our lives on this planet.

In my books, I give details and examples of a Biblical formula which is available to us and enables us, not only to cope with our most difficult situations but to emerge from them stronger and better equipped to deal with future issues and to help others to do so.

In "Ultimate Journey", I have devoted several chapters to explain how this process can be brought to bear in your life and how it can assist you to develop your personal ministry to enrich the lives of other people in your world.

Coming up to Easter is the ideal time for you to seriously consider these important issues.