The scriptural name given to many of the problems we encounter during our lives is "strongholds".

That definition is pretty much self explanatory......if something has a strong hold on some area of your life, that's exactly what you are experiencing.....a stronghold.

Recently, folks from various countries who have read my blog, have emailed me with prayer requests, seeking to escape from the grip of their particular strongholds.

Various chapters in all three of my books are specifically dedicated to explaining Biblical procedures that are available to enable this to happen in your own life, or that of someone dear to you.

What I have begun doing, is to introduce an important scriptural principle, which is easy to use and which has a long history of getting results, by which I mean enabling your to get answers to your prayers.

The principle I am referring to, involves the use of our hands.

Just prior to leaving this planet, Jesus said this to His disciples. ".........these signs will follow those who believe: In My Name.....they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover". This is found in the final chapter of Mark's gospel, in verses 17 and 18.

If you want to read how this works in real life instances, especially if you are sick or afflicted by some serious medical condition (ie stronghold) I invite you to read chapter eleven in my first book, "Ultimate Journey". In this chapter, I share examples of different people with whom I have been personally involved, who have benefited from the laying on of hands, with respect to various medical conditions. Having worked as a medical scientist since I left school, I don't regard recovery or healing achieved in this way, to have occured, unless the situation shows clear, medically documented evidence of this being the case.

When I utililse the laying on of hands, I tell the person involved that what we are doing, is simply believing the words of Jesus enough to act on them and to expect the response He promised......namely, recovery from the condition.

Some of the prayer requests I receive are not related to sickness and as I mentioned, some of the folks asking for prayer, don't live in Australia.

The use of hands in these situation, involve a different Biblical procedure......different, yet effective, when it comes to receiving answers to prayer in the form of release from strongholds.

In chapter 10 of "Ultimate Journey", there is a story about a young nine year old boy, who was causing his foster parents incredible problems, due to his behaviour.

I encouraged his mother, who actually worked for us at the time, to employ a procedure I call "prayer targeting". This involved her supplying me with targets that I and other people, who believed in the power of Christ, presented to Him, in expectation that we would see answers to them, in the form of changes  that the parents would be able to clearly recognize.

The use of hands involved myself and a number of these folks, lifting their hands as we prayed for this little fellow to be released from his behavioural stronghold.

You can read, towards the end of chapter 10, how successful this strategy was, over a period of several weeks.

Pulling down strongholds, by lifting our hands as we pray, can bring people incredible relief and let them experience freedom from their individual strongholds.

If you would like to request help in this way, feel welcome to email me.