Secret place

We continue to receive considerable numbers of hits on our Google Ads concerned with how to receive answers to prayer.

In my blog from May 2013, I shared how I have adopted the strategy of praying Jesus used Himself and outlined for us to also use.

He said, "When you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut the door, pray to your Father who is in the secret Place". (Matthew 6 ; 6).

I would like to encourage you to put this strategy into practice yourself, especially if you are dealing with a situation for which you can find no solution.

If you have never attempted "secret place" prayer before, I encourage you, from my own experiences, to take a pen and notebook into the room with you.

Let your prayers to God be simple, expressing your own feelings.

God understands plain language - you don't need to attempt to express yourself in any special way - simply be yourself.

One important thing that is likely to happen, is that while you are in your "secret place", ideas and specific thoughts will occur to you. When this happens, write them down, then express your thanks to God, whether you have a personal relationship with Him or not, for communicating with you in your time of need.

Later, read through the things you have written down, understanding that these ideas or thoughts are things you need to actually put into practice. When you do so, the power of God will be released into your situation, whether you prayed for yourself or someone dear to you.

My advice is that you make "secret place" praying a regular part of your life, just as Jesus himself did.

Your next step could be to take a Bible, in addition to your pen and notebook, into your "secret place". Whether you are used to reading scripture, or never or rarely do so, I suggest you start reading portions of The Gospel of Luke, as part of your "secret place" program. Make one of your prayer requests, an invitation to God to speak to you specifically through these scriptures.

Again, wite down any impressions you receive from particular verses that you read.

It is very likely that these impressions, represent God speaking to you on a one to one basis.

This can not only change your current situation, but can give you a completely new outlook on life and help you to develop a powerful, personal relationship with Christ, which will have eternal ramifications.

Try the "secret place" prayer strategy. You have nothing to lose but much to gain.