A good confession

This month, I feel it is important to share with you the power that can be made available to us, when we make, what the Bible calls, a good confession.

One of the meanings that my favourite dictionary gives for the word confession, is to acknowledge one's belief in something.

The particular "something" that I want us to focus on, is the truth of God's word.

In His prayers to His Father, shorly before His betrayal, Jesus made this statement.... "Your word is truth". (John 17;17).

We can expect to see wonderful things happen, when we confess God's word over our problems.

It is so easy to allow our problems to dominate our lives, our thinking and what we say, by contunually confessing, for example, that we are sick, or in financial difficulties or unable to accomplish things that are expected of us.

Instead of "feedproblems in this way, it is much better to confess the truth of God's word over any situation which is causing us distress, worry or anxiety.

When we do this, the first major change we are able to experience, is that the peace of God, which the Bible tells us, passes all understanding, will guard our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4;7). You will find it to be very good value to spend some time quietly reading and meditating over this scripture. Experiencing God's peace, even in the midst of your problems, is something you will never forget. Expressing your thanks to Him for His peace, opens the way for you to the next stage of experiencing His power.

This next stage involves discovering that our positive confession can release the power of God into our difficult situation, which can cause miraculous things to happen, including healing, deliverance and total changes in circumstances we thought would never change.

Try confessing one or more of the following scriptures over your situation, or the situation of the person you are greatly concerned about.

".......with God, all things are possible" (Mathhew 19;26) Confess these words of Jesus over your situation, several times a day and let your expectation of positive change, become stronger.

"Is anything too hard for the Lord?: (Genesis 18;14) Speak these words out to yourself. If you can, by faith, answer "no" to the question, you can expct your situation to improve.

"For with God, nothing will be impossible". (Luke 1 ;37) If you can believe this includes your situation, as you express these words of Jesus over it, you can expect to experience release from it.

"If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes". (Mark 9;23) Let your ears hear these words of Christ coming out of your own mouth. When we believe Jesus' words, we can become recipients of the power that is associated with them.

After you have faithfully put his procedure into practice for at least a whole week, feel welcome to email me with details of the results that your good confessions have achieved. Then, continue to make good confessions an ongoing and regualr part of your daily life. It's something you can also share with other people, in order to help them overcome their problems. When this happens, your personal satisfaction will reach new levels that will be a great blessing to you as well as others.