From cancer to miracle

Last week, I had an email from a lady in Victoria, who initially contacted me early last year, after reading "Ultimate Journey".

Her husband had been diagnosed with cancer and she wantered to request prayer for him, after reading some of the stories in the book regarding people who had recovered from serious conditions, after being prayed for.

As I was praying about this man and his situation, I was encouraged to invite him to send me an item of his clothing for me to pray over and send it back to him, with a view for him to have God's anointing actually touching his body. The apostle Paul did this during his two years at Ephesus, with powerful results. (Read Acts 19;11.12)

In the email last week, this gentleman's wife advised me that their prayers have been answered, as they were officially advised in March this year, that there were no signs of cancer in his body. She told me that his three monthly scans since then, have confirmed the absence of cancer and his blood test results have been excellent.

She said that her husband's oncologist is simply amazed and keeps referring to him as a miracle. She told me that they never cease telling this doctor that it is a case of their prayers being answered and he says, "whatever you're doing, keep it up".

She mentioned that her husband never wears any other hat to church on each Sunday except, what she refers to as "his blessed hat", reminding me that was the one I prayed over and sent back to them. He also wears it, she said, to every doctors appointment.

Towards the end of her email, she wrote this; "Thankyou so much for your prayer and blessing of the hat. We believe with all our hearts that God's blessing is upon us and it is so amazing to know that! We've had some amazing experiences this year. He alone deserves all the praise and glory".

Her last few words fit perfectly with a study I have been doing regarding the Biblical concept of combining prayer and thanksgiving.

In Philippians 4 ; 6,7 we are encouraged to express thanksgiving to God at the same time as we pray for answers to issues which are causing us problems.

In 1 Thessalonians, 5 ; 17,18 we are told this; "Pray without ceasing, and in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God In Christ Jesus for you". This does ot mean that we are expected to give thanks for every situation that comes ou way, rather, we need to maintain our prayers and giving God thanks in every situation.

If you are a real follower of Christ, you will recognise the importance of this command to give thanks at the same time as you pray, because it is God's will for us to do so.

In my book, "Ultimate Journey", I emphasize the importance of understanding how we need to react when we experience what I cal, "tought seasons" at various times during our short time on earth.

Putting the combined power of prayer and thanksgiving to God into action is vital in this respect.

Can I suggest that you read through both the portions of scripture I have just referred to and link them with real life blessings that thelady whoe emil I have referred to and quoted from, has experienced with regards to her husbn's recovery from cancer.

If your are dealing with serious issues at present, perhaps you could find hope, as this lady did, by reading "Ultimate Journey" and putting the things I have shared in this month's blog, into action in your own situation.