The greatest Christmas present

If you have read my blog over the past few months, you will be aware that I have placed considerable importance on the fact that it is possible to have the power of God released into our situations, in response to letting God see that we are prepared to put the faith we have into action.

Over the years, I have come to appreciate the references in the Bible that describe how this actually happened in individual peoples' personal situations. Many of these people were completely beyond all medical help for example, yet by developing attitudes of expectancy, hope and faith, they experienced the power of God in their lives, many of them being healed of conditions that had affected them for many years and in some cases, their entire lives.

In my books, I share details of people with whom I have been personally associated, who have experienced incredible healings. Some of these occured several years ago, whiile others have been more recent. The gentleman from Melbourne, whose details I shared in the November blog, is an example of a recent healing miracle.

As you read through the gospels, it becomes clear that people became believers and followers of Christ for one of two main reasons.

Some responded to the words that Jesus spoke, becoming covinced in their hearts by His words, that He was without doubt, the Son of God.

Others believed this when they witnessed the power of healing being displayed, as those who were sick or seriously incapacitated, were made whole, for example, when Jesus laid His hands on them.

This week, in our pathology centre, I shared some thoughts with two of our patients, within an hour or so of each other. Both these folks made some comments about Christmas, having seen the way our rooms have been decorated with various Christmas related items. My reply, in both cases, included some references to Christ's power to change our lives and impart eternal life to those who become His followers.....

One of the patients was quite interested, while the other one showed no interest at all.

An important purpose of my blog is to be a help to anyone who reads it, to receive a personal revelation concerning who Jesus is and how He can change their lives.

So many elderly patients at our centre comment how quickly time passes, as they get older. This demonstates the fact that our lives on earth are short, when put in the context of eternity. I am totally convinced that this makes taking full advantage of what Jesus achieved on His first visit to this planet, the most important thing that can happen to us.

Understanding that it is critical to our future to experience God's forgiveness of our sins is he most important thing any of us can learn.

At Christmas, a lot of attention is focused on the Baby Jesus.

I have personally discovered that the most important thing we need to discover is how much God loved us, to allow His Son to die for our sins, some thirty three years later, so our lives would not be wasted and to make it possible for us to have eternal life.

That is the greatest Christmas present anyone can ever receive.

May Christmas 2013 be a wonderful time for you.