Lives being completely changed

It's always great to receive correspondence from people who contact me with a specific prayer request, after either reading my blog or one of my books.

What is even better, is to hear from them later, with details of how they received answers to the prayers which have resulted in their lives being completely changed.

Recently, I had an email from a lady who contacted me several months ago, advising me she had read "Ultimate Journey" and decided to put one of the scriptural processes that I call, the "Little by Little" process, into action on behalf of members of her family, especially her son, a young man of 20 years of age. She expressed concern about his depression and unwillingness to get a job.

I assured that I would take her prayer request for her son into my "secret place" prayer meeting, (as Jesus called it) with the view of receiving some thoughts that I would pass onto her.

The first of these thoughts was that my attention became focused on a verse of scripture, which explains how God will release His peace into us when we pray to Him, expressing our thankfulness and praise to Him, in advance, even before we receive an answer to our prayers from Him.

She emailed me back the same day to say, "I appreciate your prayers so much and have felt a peace working around us,"

In the email I received last month, some seven months later, she said, "I want to thank you for your prayers on behalf of my family and expecially for our son. He is now working and really enjoying it. He is a different person now, with a positive and hopeful outlook on life. God is awesome and yes, the power of thanksgiving and praise is so important".

This lady discovered for herself that if we follow Biblical principles, we can release the power and the peace of God into our lives and our family situations in undeniable ways.

During Jesus' own ministry and in the early days of the Christian church, there were occasions when people observed the power of God in people's lives that were miraculously changed, and expressed amazement at what had happened. This was especially true when a person who was well known to them, had been born totally disabled in some way, and was made completely whole.

Because Jesus is alive today, miraculous answers to prayer can still happen......This young man I have shared some details of in this month's blog and the man I shared details of in my January blog, who was healed of cancer, are examples of this.

I'd like to encourage you to consider what has happened to these two people, should you have a serious issue in your life for which you might like to request prayer.

You would be welcome to email me or perhaps, as the lady I have written about did, you might like to read my book, "Ulitmate Journey" first.