If you can believe this, your life can be dramatically changed

In the chapter that I called "Therapeutic Touch", in my first book, "Ultimate Journey", I shared the story of how a young boy, whose mother attended the same church as my wife and myself, was healed of blindness, caused by a defect, in of his eyes.

This happened when she took him to church on a Sunday morning when it had been announced that a visiting speaker, with a special interest in Christ's healing power, would be speaking and praying for people who had a need of healing.

I used the sub-title, "believing is seeing" when I wrote about this young fellow's healing.

His father did not attend church. He was a really sick man, afflicted with severe asthma.

The boy's healing had a dramatic effect on his father. He expressed the thought, "If God can do this for my boy, then He can heal my asthma as well".

That is exactly what happened.

The father began to attend church regularly, becoming a pillar of the church, sharing his and his boy's testimonies, on every available occasion.

Here's the point........When the father saw what Christ did for his son, this encouraged him to believe the Lord could also heal him.

This is what happened to people who saw the miracles that Christ performed during His earthly ministry.

The Bible tells us,".......many believed in His name when they saw the signs which He did". (John 2 ;23)

Nothing has changed......As the Bible says, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever". )Hebrews 13;8)

If you can believe this, your life can be dramatically changed, as were those of the father and son, whose details I have just shared with you.

You will find more examples of Christ's power being released into the lives of various people in my books.