Harbouring bitterness towards someone else

I have discovered the only way to be certain of having prayers answered, is to spend time in what Jesus referred to as our "secret place" and receive clear instructions from God, concerning what He would have us say and or do. 

If we don't do this, the best we can achieve is to share with people our own thoughts and opinions. Even if we are genuinely concerned about someone's problem, this cannot guarantee that our prayer for them will be answered.

Let me share a recent example with you.........

Recently, during my "secret place" time, it was made clear to me that a person would attend our church's next prayer meeting, with significantly painful joints. The reason behind this situation was that the person was harbouring bitterness towards someone else.

At the meeting, when the lady concerned heard these words and was prayed for, she received healing from the joint pain and deliverance from the effects of her bitterness.

This is what happens when we receive God's specific words for us and then act on them.

If you would like me to spend time in my "secret place" on your behalf, to receive God's specific instructions for you, please feel welcome to email me and request me to do so. You don't need to supply any details.....that's what we need to hear from the Holy Spirit. As soon as I receive information about your situation in my "secret place", I will email it to you.