Could Therapeutic Touch Help You?

Some time ago, I read an article about a female medical specialist from New York, who introduced the name ,"Therapeutic Touch" to the process she used to allow healing power, as she described it to flow through her hands and bring relief and healing to her patients. She pointed out that this procedure is found in the bible, where it is referred to as "The laying on of Hands".

I decided to introduce the expression, "Therapeutic Touch" to patients at our Pathology Collection Centre, who indicated interest in the concept.

Not long afterwards, one of our elderly female patients was diagnosed with lung cancer. She and her husband were familiar with the biblical laying on of hands, so we began utilising therapeutic touch on a  weekly basis. She told me after the first one minute session, that she had experienced inner peace.

She was due to be reviewed by her specialist five months later. When the day arrived, she was quite well. Her medical report recognised this improvement in her health and the report indicated great improvement in her x-ray, compared with the one earlier in the year. Her physical examination was described as being normal. When I asked her to explain in her own words what she felt had happened to her, she said, "I believe that God helped me".

You can read more about "Therapeutic Touch" and the people it has healed and helped in my book "Ulitmate Journey".

A lady in Melbourne who had read my first book, "Ulitmate Journey", which includes a chapter on Therapeutic Touch, emailed me to request prayer for her husband, who had been diagnosed with cancer of the spine.

As I prayed for him in my private prayer time, I was encouraged to invite them to send me an article of his clothing, for me to lay my hands on, as I prayed for his healing, then send it back to him to wear. This was based on what the Apostle Paul did at one point (Acts 19:11,12). They sent me his favourite hat, to use in this procedure.

Some months later, she emailed me again to tell me "our prayers have been answered tenfold. In March the doctors told us that he was in remission, but of course we know that this is God's healing". 

Three monthly scans have continued to be excellent, with no signs of cancer. The oncologist is simply amazed and keeps calling my husband a miracle!!! We never ceased to tell him that it is our prayers being answered and he says, "whatever you're doing, keep it up".

She told me that her husband never wears any other hat to church on Sunday except his "Blessed" hat which you prayed over and sent back to us. He also wears it to every doctor appointment.

Perhaps you, or someone you care about, could benefit from reading the chapter on "Therapeutic Touch", in the book, "Utimate Journey".