What Exactly Is Your Life?

What exactly is you life? That's a vital question that the bible presents to us......."What is your life? It is a vapour that appears for a little time and then vanishes away". (James 4;14)

In other words, your life, in the context of eternity, occupies about as much time as a puff of smoke, which appears for just a moment and then is gone from this world.

We all know that our lives on earth will end. The smart move is to be prepared for this to happen, in the only positive way available to us.

The truth is, the closer you get to the grave, if you haven't made your personal peace with God, you will become more apprehensive and more afraid of death. This is because you haven't prepared for it. This makes your future uncertain and many people, quite understandably find this frightening.

The only people who can genuinely think about death without experiencing some measure of anxiety or fear, especially as they grow older, are those who have experienced God's forgiveness for their sins. This is only possible through what Jesus achieved for us.

"Thinking eternally', as I call it in my books, provides real hope for us now and also for what Jesus referred to as "the next life". Reading about this could have a wonderful and powerful effect on all aspects of your life....Christmas time could be the perfect occasion to do this.