How to utilise prayer to get positive and powerful results.

You might have noticed recently, political leaders in a  number of countries, including Australia, when expressing concern for families of people who had been killed in various disasters, suggesting that people pray for the family members who had suffered the terrible loss of their loved ones.

This brought to my mind something I discovered many years ago, that there are two important things about prayer that we need to understand.

Firstly, when we pray, we can expect an answer.

If this doesn't happen, many people view prayer as simply being a ritual.

Secondly, I discovered that it is vital, when you pray, to understand that it must be left to God to respond to and answer the prayer, according to His specific purpose, which He desires to release.

Over the years, I have discovered vitally important teachings in the Bible, where we can learn how believers in Christ can become God's workers and servants, when it comes to seeing His power and love released in the form of answered prayers.

In my three books, I share details of people I have been personally associated with, who have received life changing answers to prayer. These include healing from various diseases.

In the books, I point out powerful scriptures that explain how we can utilise the power of God through answered prayer, in the same way Jesus did, to bless people's lives in many ways.

I have also shared details of some of these real life situations in my earlier blogs which you might find interesting and perhaps useful, especially if you or someone close to you could be helped by being prayed for.