Overcoming Depression

On the 1st March 2015, on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph, I read the sad story of the eight year old boy whose mum and dad had both committed suicide because they suffered from depression.

What I read made me decide to feature in my march blog, what I believe is the real cause behind these terrible issues plus the only way I am convinced that they can be overcome.

Depression, which is an example of mental illness, is a lot more than a medical issue. I believe it is primarily a spiritual issue.

In the newspaper article, it was mentioned that the boy's mother's situation had been misdiagnosed on two separate occasions.

In my experience, successful treatment for depression, needs to involve people who suffer from this situation, having God's power released into their lives, including their minds and their spirits.

The way to achieve this is by realising the importance of serious prayer and putting it into practice.

I feel that everyone whose life is affected by issues such as depression, need to be willing to give serious consideration to an invitation that the Bible suggests, which is that anyone who is suffering, should pray.

When the alternative is to live a miserable life, especially if there is a possibility of causing incredible sorrow for their family by ending their own lives, surely praying has to be worthwhile.

A considerable number of people's stories that I have included in my first book, "Ultimate Journey", demonstrate the wonderful changes that have occurred in their lives, as a result of prayer.

Some of the issues include being delivered from years of bitterness, stress and illness.

In addition to recovering from something that has been having a negative impact on our lives for many years, prayer has the power to open our understanding concerning how different our lives can become by discovering how developing faith in Christ can change us.

This happened to me back in 1967 and I totally recommend it to you.

Please feel welcome to contact me via my email if you feel any guidance from me could assist you.