My Personal Miraculous Healing

Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease. I discovered how to be miraculously healed from it. Read on and find out how.

The diagnosis came when I had my annual check-up. My blood pressure was found to be considerably higher than it had been in previous years and an electrocardiograph revealed that I had developed ischaemia, or narrowing of the blood vessels supplying blood to the heart.

A few weeks prior to this happening, I was interested to hear a young lady who was leading us at our church that Sunday, in communion. She referred to the occasion when Moses was given the task by God to assist the Israelites in Egypt, being set free.

She referred to the instructions families were given by Moses regarding the sacrifice of a lamb. The families were told to spread some of the lamb's blood around the doors of their home and then to cook the lamb in a particular way before eating.

The following morning there was not one feeble or sick person among the tribes of the Israelites who had obeyed this instruction and ate some of the lamb.

I remember reading that when John the Baptist saw Jesus for the first time, he referred to Him as being "the Lamb of God''. When the apostle Paul wrote to the new Christians in the city of Corinth, he told them; "Christ our Passover, was sacrificed for us".

This made me understand and appreciate that the blood of Jesus had been shed for the forgiveness of my sins and that life changing healing from my condition was also being presented to me.

For the next three months, every time we had communion at our church, when I ate the communion bread, I did this with attitude of actually eating Jesus's flesh. This gave Him, as my Passover Lamb, the opportunity to strengthen and heal my body.

During this time, I had my blood pressure checked regularly, as I reasoned that if my body was indeed being healed, I should be able to see medical evidence of this occurring.

My blood pressure began to drop. Narelle and I decided to have my ECG re-tested, three months after the original test had been done. She faxed the follow-up tracing of my cardiograph to the same cardiologist who had made the original diagnosis. This time, instead of his report saying, "consistent with ischaemia", it said, "ECG within normal limits". A recent check up by my doctor showed my blood pressure to be totally normal for my age.

Since then, every time we celebrate communion at church, it has a special meaning for me.

Perhaps you or someone in your family, can take advantage of the healing power that I discovered, by understanding that Jesus can heal us, as well as forgive our sins.

If your are interested, you could read chapter thirteen in my book, "Ultimate Journey", which gives a full account of my delivery from ischaemia.