Coloured Scripture

On a regular basis, patients I collect blood from in my room at our pathology collection centre, tell me they find the words on a colouring in sheet on the side wall of the room, interesting. The colouring was done by one of my grandsons at his school, when he was six years old.

On the day he did this, I was writing down details for the second chapter of my first book, “Ultimate Journey”. I referred to a scripture describing our lives on earth as a journey we are passing through.

That afternoon, I had arranged to call at my grandson’s home, after leaving work. His mum handed me the sheet he had coloured in at school that day, so I could congratulate him for his good work.

When I read the words, “God’s children are passing through on their way to Heaven”, on the colouring in sheet, I recognised them immediately as the verse of scripture I used in my book.

 It was as if the scripture verse on the colouring in work my grandson did at school that day, was designed to indicate I had chosen the right words for my book. I found this very encouraging