Life Changing Prayer Answers

In each of my three books, I have included real life accounts of people I have been associated with who have experienced God’s miracle power in their lives, especially involving answers to prayer.

Some of these folks have been patients at our Pathology collection centre at Wallsend.

Others have been people at churches I have attended. On one occasion, at the opening of a new church, a lady who was invited by her neighbour, who was a member of the church, shared with me after her personal  response to the short time of prayer I had invited anyone with a problem to participate in, how, as soon asshe prayed,  she experienced the power of God in two incredible ways. One was the healing of a significant injury she received  to her face thirty years previously and the other was a release from the thirty years of bitterness she had endured after that happened. Her final words to me were really impressive. She said, “God healed me on the inside and the outside too.”

Some of the other stories about people experiencing answers to prayer, include, as well as healing from medical situations, release from fear and deliverance from life threatening mental issues.

All of these life changing situations were experienced when the people involved responded to the word of God that was released to them.

The impacted power of God on each of these people, is available now, to anyone who is able to believe the word of God.

If you are interested, you can discover how this can happen by reading any of my three books. In each of them, I share what we need to do, in order to have God’s power released into our lives and personal situations.