Receiving God's personal plans

Recently, I received an email from a lady, advising me that she was experiencing pain in three parts of her body.

I emailed her back, letting her know that I was going to share her information with God in my “secret place”, which Jesus told His followers in Matthew 6 : 6 to use to pray to His Father, which can enable   His power to be released, when He shares His instructions, based on details in the Bible.

When I made this request to the Lord in my Saturday morning prayer time, I received advice from Him to check out the Book of Proverbs, in the Old Testament.

When I did so, I discovered there were 31 chapters of scripture in this section of the Bible. I prayed again, in order to see if I could be advised which particular chapter I needed to study. As soon as I did this, chapter 4 came to my mind.

As I read through this section of the Bible, three issues were brought to my attention, that I realised were for the Lady’s benefit.

I was actually excited for her when I read that if she would pay attention to the specific words that were mentioned and apply them into her life and keep them in her heart, the scripture declared that  these issues would be life to her and health to all her flesh.

After discovering these powerful Biblical comments, I emailed the scriptural details to her, letting her know that I had prayed for her to experience God’s healing in the three sections of her body she had mentioned to me, when she responded to the three scriptural issues I had shared with her.

Just a short time after I emailed all the information I had obtained from the specific scriptures that I had been advised to detail to her, She emailed me back saying, “Thank you so much, Thanks again.”   

This told me that the three issues God had demonstrated to her, were clearly indicating to her, the situations responsible for her pain and she had clearly recognised and believed this.  

What this showed me once again, is the powerful advantages people with significant problems can experience when they hear and respond to what they recognise as being God’s personal plans for them.